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    Pet Pooper Picker

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    You do not have to worry about the dirt on your hands. Being a dog parent is a lot of fun, cleaning after your dog is not. That is why we invented this scooper!


    • Easy To Carry: This dog pooper scooper can be hooked on a leash without occupying space and is very suitable for walking with dogs, carrying when travelling or camping. Lightweight, environmental, convenient, and easy to store.

    • Design: Designed for easy, one-handed pick-ups on all surfaces Made of plastic with a wide, comfortable grip.
    • Convenient:¬†Healthy and convenient for pet cleaning.
    • Quick Cleanup:¬†Makes cleanup quick, easy, and sanitary.

    • One-Handed:¬†Pick up waste easily with the one-handed scooper.


    • Size: about 13x10.5x5.5 cm / 5.12 * 4.13 * 2.17in¬†
    • Weight: 130 gm
    • Color: Blue/Green¬†

    2 in 1: With dustbin to ensure cleanliness and freshness. 

    Magic space: The folding bin can increase the capacity once it opens, and deal with large, unexpected amounts of waste easily. 1 roll of garbage bags (approximately 10 pieces) Exquisite and portable design

    Packing list:

    1x Bathroom Picker

    1x Roll of Garbage Bag