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    3 Mode Shower Water Purifier Head

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    This showerhead will take you to a tropical forest. This showerhead is installed in a few minutes and adjusts the home standard hose without any problems. Built-in mineral beads negative ion purification filter, remove heavy metals, chlorine, bacteria, and impurities, improve your water quality, give you a comfortable spa bath.

    • Hydroelectric powered, no battery or wiring.
    • The showerhead built-in mineral beads negative ion purification filtration, removes heavy Metals, Chlorine, Bacteria, and Impurities, improves your water quality, gives you a comfortable spa bath.

    • Dense small holes designed to make water come out strongly and delicately, steady water flow, 35% water saved, and pressure enhanced.
    • This high-power shower head connects in minutes to any standard overhead shower arm, no tools are required.

    Very easy to fit onto your existing shower, simply unscrew the old showerhead and screw this one back in its place, offers a very soft yet powerful spray, and is removable for easy cleaning. Notice it without a water flow adjust system.

    • Material:¬†¬†stainless steel
    • Surface Finish:¬†¬†None
    • Shower Shape:¬†¬†Round
    • Adjustable Height:¬†¬†Yes
    • Material:¬†¬†ABS Plastic
    • Style:¬†¬†Single Headset
    • Type:¬†¬†SPA shower head
    • Color:¬† White, Blue